Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Visit - February 5th, 2007

Finally recovered (mostly) from my drug overdose... Why would anyone pay for that? It's beyond me. Anyway, we are now in S. Florida visiting our home church and two others that we are invovled with. It has been a great visit so far but it has also been packed, busy and to fast. On the way down, we stopped and stayed with a friend of mine from years ago when I was in the Navy. It was really great to reconnect with him and to see his family as well.

They are trying to plan a trip down to visit and are really excited about everything that is happening in Puerto. We spent some time with the pastor of our home church today which was great. When the church was small and none of us had kids, we used to go out for Mexican food together. Now, with a total of 9 kids between the two of us, it is better to just get some cheap takeout and hang at the house while the kids go berserk. We had a great visit with him and his wife. The church is planning a trip down in June and people are really excited about it. I spoke on Sunday morning and there is quite a bit of interest both from the congregation and on the staff. It is great to see the church finally in a position where they can get more involved. Tuesday evening, I'll be speaking to a group from the church that includes several potential interns and long-term staff as well as people that want to come on the outreach. Should be good. Just coming home helps me to see how blessed we have been as a family to have so many different people and churches that are all working together to see God's kingdom grow. it is a cool thing.

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