Thursday, October 30, 2008

What up...

Well, it's been a long time since I last posted. Living out in the jungle is great but it makes it more difficult to do things like get online and blog. Things are going well overall. The house is moving along and is pretty much on schedule. The workers are finishing the first layer of stucco on the walls this week and supposedly, will be starting the roof next Monday. This is great since we are just starting to enter rainy season (it has been raining all day).

We are really excited to get into the new house but there's still a way to go yet. We are still in need of a permanent solution to our water problem. Right now, the only real option is to have a drilling truck come out and drill a deep, perforated well. That is a tall order out here. We'll see what happens.

House church this past Sunday was great. We had some visitors... Pablo was back from Spain and brought his parents with him. They had never experienced anything like this before and seemed to really enjoy it. I saw him the next day and he said that they hadn't stopped talking about it. Please pray for Pablo. He came here last year to buy land and fulfill a dream of starting a surf camp. As things go took more money and time than he had planned and after 9 months of trying, he gave up and went home. He had been coming to our house church for several months before he returned and really experienced a change in is perception of God and his knowledge of the bible. It is awesome to hear him say (after experiencing so much difficulty and frustration) that he believes that God had him here for a reason and now when he returns to Spain, he wants to build into people rather than a project. A real life changing experience for him.

Anyway, Sunday evening we started Romans. We watched the movie "Gladiator" the week before to really get a feel for Rome and the time period before getting into the scripture. The movie really provides a great backdrop to discuss the spread of 1st century Christianity. Everyone seemed to enjoy the message and we had some good discussion afterward. Studying Romans for the first time over 12 years ago at Calvary Chapel Tucson really changed my life and I am so looking forward to sharing that with everyone in our house church. Please pray that lives will be changed and that everyone will be so excited about their faith that they will share it with their friends and families. What a privilege to be here doing this.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Amy's first Blog ever!

Hey Everyone. Thanks for all your prayers about water. We are getting by. I am actually posting this while a nice steady rain is falling. Our current Staff Intern, Whit, said he heard the rain may continue into tomorrow as well. This would be great and about all the water we need to complete the construction that requires water (Concrete etc.) Then, we need the rain to stop for about 2 weeks so the workers can put on the roof. Thankfully, not too tall an order for God.

Well, aside from gratitude to you all, and for rain....I wanted to make an announcement of astronomical proportion...I created a Facebook page. I figured those of you who are already technologically savvy are probably already on it...and if could get on easily if you would like to follow the female perspective of Puerto Viejo life.

Thanks a lot again...and maybe I'll try to pop on here now and then too.