Monday, February 13, 2006

Between Worlds

Once again, we're between two is a world of busy schedules, wealth and high-tech and the other is a world of relationships, fluid schedules and simplicity. We're caught between these two as we have to function smoothly between the two. We fly back to Costa Rica later today and tomorrow we'll be back in the little town of Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean coast near the border with Panama. I'm looking forward to getting back to our home, friends, dogs and work. It will be interesting to see what has changed and what has remained the same after five weeks of travelling. I know that there are some interesting situations that will be awaiting us but the good thing is that ultimately it's all in God's hands. More to come.


Bryon Mondok said...

Hey, we miss you already. Your time in Florida wasn't long enough for us.

Geppapa said...

i look forward to staying in touch with you. we will pray for you as you are on the frontlines!

Iglesia Cristiana Koinonia said...


We don't know each other but I am a missionary in Lima Peru. My wife and I were sent out from C.C. Miami Beach 7 1/2 years ago. We have three children. God bless you guys.

Brian Vander Kodde
Pastor Missionary

TEX said...

We look forward to sharing in your adventure via your blog!

God Bless!