Saturday, February 25, 2006

Back in PV

Getting settled back in to our home here in Puerto Viejo has been interesting to say the least. We arrived back in town on Tuesday, Feb 14th and had one day to start un-packing before we left for Jaco on the Pacific coast to attend a friend’s wedding. About two hours after we left Puerto, we received the first of two interesting phone calls. The first call was from our neighbor who was letting us know that some random guy had come into our property and, claiming they were his, had taken the two stray dogs that we had adopted a few months ago. When they first wandered into our yard back in November, they were skinny and in really bad health. We waited a few weeks before we started taking care of them because we didn’t want to just take someone else’s dogs. After asking around and not finding anyone to claim them, we adopted them. The girls loved them and really took good care of them. They were the most upset when this guy took them. According to our neighbor, the guy’s story seemed to be true and the dogs seemed to know him well. I was mostly upset that he came when we weren’t home and without any permission, took the dogs away with no regard for the fact that we had been taking good care of the. Our older daughter cried for about a half hour when she found out. Right after this, we got the second, which was to let us know that we had won a scooter in a drawing at the local pulperia (a small corner store). This was a really cool thing because the scooter belonging to one of the couples on our team had just broken down for the last time and it is their only mode of transportation. Amy had been filling out forms for the drawing for month specifically so that she could give the scooter to them if we happened to win. God blessed us so we just passed the scooter on to them. What a strange day. The rest of the weekend went well…the wedding was great and it was great to see so many friends again.

As we get back into the swing of things, my hope is to post at least twice a week and include some photos as well. This is all new to me so it will take a little time to get the hang of it, but it’ll work out

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Bryon Mondok said...

Sorry about the dogs.

I should have had Amy buy some lottery tickets for me before you left.