Tuesday, November 06, 2007


One thing is for sure... no matter where you are in the world, funny is funny. This is certainly true for me. Anyone that has known me for very long knows that I have a lot of trouble trying to keep from laughing in serious situations. For some reason, the more pressure and the more serious the situation (church, funerals, etc...), the more likely I am to start laughing. Even at 39 years old, if it's funny, I'm going to start laughing.

This short video is from an outreach we did with our youth group this past summer in a part of San Jose called "Little Hell". If there's one lesson we can all learn from this, it is to make sure the song you are singing is within the range of your voice... and if you're watching something like this happen, sit in the back.

My mom would have been pinching the daylights out of me if she had been with us at this outreach.

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Allen said...

I had forgotten about that. That was stinkin hillarious. I also enjoyed watching Jonathan trying to accompany him on the guitar.
That was a fun day!