Tuesday, October 23, 2007


This week we are fortunate enough to have a group from Lifechurch (Oklahoma) here to work with us. We are in the process of putting the wood on the deck which will give us a great meeting and viewing space next to the skatepark. It is really exciting to see this work progress. I can't wait until it's done. Here are a few photos that show what's taking place.

Here you can see the progress that we made by mid-day. Later this afternoon we will begin laying the decking over the beams. No job is without it's trouble and we've run into a few problems but things are coming along. I'm hopeful we'll be finished by the end of the week.

One cool thing that happened to day is that several of the guys from house church stopped by to help. Here, Jose, Peace and I are hand-planing the sharp edges off of the two by fives for the deck.


Bryon Mondok said...

I just went through your whole blog over the last fifteen minutes. You got some great content here. I nabbed at least ten great photos, too. Keep up the good work. All my love to the girls and their momma...

Anonymous said...

I am jealous, I have everything two cars one paid for, making lots of money at Lowe's. And in all reality I have nothing. you are really the one having , having Gods hand on your presence and his feet leading your path. I am jealous. With all do respect, whatever you need man let us know we will get it to you! Blessings!
Christopher Milu